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We help you to flowering your dream of higher education for a well settled life and a blossoming future. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - these highly inspiring words of Nelson Mandela is our driving force. All our services are online and you will get access from any where any time, 24hrs a day, 7days a week on any multimedia device. We assure you our determination and commitment in providing a highly responsible and dedicated service.

Distance Education (DE)

Distance education means students will have no class room coaching in the university and no attendance requirements. However in some courses in which practical training and laboratary experiments required attendance in the personal contact program (PCP) and practicals are compulsory.

Lateral entry means the admission will be directly in the second year of the course program chosen. You do not have to take admission in the first year and you will be directed to the second year of any undergraduate program. The criteria for admission is different for different universities.
For Engineering lateral entry students directly enters into the second year of their degree engineering. They must have completed a 3 years diploma engineering in their respective branch to get eligibility for the lateral entry program. After completing their diploma course they shall write an entrance examination for the enrollment in the university.

Credit transfer means getting credit for courses completed under one program when switching to another in the same university or another. Courses taken in one program can be transferred to same program in another university. Also you can tranfer them to a different program either in the same university or another one.